Chiropractic Testimonials

"Our family chiropractic story consists from two individual stories, which are strongly tightened together. And we want to share it with you.

Everything started few months ago, when after working out in the gym my husband’s lower back started to hurt so much, that he couldn’t move. Because of sport trauma in the childhood he’s had back problems from time to time, but never that bad.

Also, a few years ago he went to another chiropractor for adjustments and soon after he finished treatment everything came back. However, we decided to give it a try once again. After elaborate evaluation of the problem in context with background, age, physical activity he started adjustments. Dr.Suzi explained us the cause, and showed on the picture places of subluxation along his spine. Right after first few adjustments he started feel better, range of movements began to come back. However, the most important thing from our point of view is the knowledge about the problem and ways to deal With it, that we learn from Dr.Suzi. Step by step we were explained the daily routine that should be done in his case. It’s incredible how individual is their approach to each patient. When his spine was ready he was taught the everyday exercises to strengthen the back and neck. We went over pillow and sleeping habits. All of it together brought our awareness about the subluxation and what is crucial the knowledge about everyday activity and exercises that should be done.

As I mentioned at the beginning we have two stories to share and the second one is mine. To give you the overall picture ._ I am young, doing exercises two- three times a week, eat healthy — looks like there is no reason to go to chiropractor. However, there is one. Two years ago I moved to US and in order to proof my diploma I need to take bunch of tests and come back to school. That’s why I study 7-8 hours a day, sometimes longer. Either it is stress from moving or studying hours, but almost two years already I’ve had headaches. They appeared once ortwice a month and during these days I couldn’t do anything before I took a painkiller, because headaches were really strong, sometimes with nausea and vomiting. Besides that my eyesight decreased. I went to the physician and eye doctor to get checked. All tests were good and they told me that I need to study less and headaches will go away by themselves. Thank you!

And as you know already, a few months ago I went with my husband to Dr.Suzi with his back pain. They offered me free diagnostic, which revealed severe subluxations in my neck area. I started adjustments with specific exercises for neck, orthopedic pillow, recommendations about sitting position during studying and brake schedule. What can I say? My headaches didn’t go away completely yet, but I can say that I am on the right track. The frequency and intensity of headaches have decreased dramatically, the pain became duller and I can handle it without taking painkiller. Furthermore, after adjustments my head become clearer and I can concentrate on my studying much more effective.

It is very important that we are dealing with my headaches and my husband’s back pain together as a family, encouraging and supporting each other. We became more energetic and relaxed at the same time. Moreover, on the weekly free workshops in the office we learn about healthy diet, exercises, breathing techniques, ways to deal with the stress and other interesting stuff about our body. For us is important to receive this information from healthcare professionals, because information in the magazines, TV shows, advertisements often could be misleading.

We really hope that our story will help someone to chose chiropractic treatment and stand on the path to the healthier body.

Thank you guys, you are the best!"

- Denis K.

"It was New Years Eve birthday, and I thought my world as I had known it, was over. I could not move. Breathing hurt. I spent the next 3 days in one spot on the floor in our vacation home in the Pennsylvania mountains.

When we got back home to New Jersey, I decided that I was going to work, hunched over and shuffling into my office. That lasted an hour. It took me 90 minutes to get back from work, then another 2 hours to get out of my car in my driveway. I had to do something to fix this...| was 41 years old, with a wife and 3 kids, and an entire life to live..,that's when I first visited Dr. Suzi.

Many people have their opinions, educated or not, about chiropractic visits. i would include myself in the category of skeptical at first, but not anymore.

I remember that first visit like it was wife helping me out of our car, which took 20 minutes. To say that I was a mess, is an understatement of epic proportions. Suzi listened to my story, my history with back issues, and was honest with me...we had a lot of work to do, but ifl was committed to the treatment, the best years of my life were ahead of me.

It was difficult at times, Progress was made, then, suddenly, it was gone. I had appointments nearly 4 days a week for several months, then 3 days a week, then 2, and then 1 day, like today. i have never felt better.

The keys to success?

  1. Dedication - you must commit to the consistency of honoring your appointment
  2. Patience - this is a marathon, not a sprint. Progress will be made, but you must not expect an overnight fix.
  3. Dr. Suzi and her team - my success would not have happened without their involvement, encouragement, and personal service."

- Michael D.

"I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the fabulous chiropractic care that you've provided to me over the past three months.

As I'm sure you recall, when I first met you in May, i was up to six (6) Advil per day on top of two (2) Alleve tablets per day, and was still unable to stand for any length of time without lower back pain.

After two weeks of your adjustments, I totally stopped taking pain medication, and have been free of pain, and free of medication ever since.

You gave me back the ability to jog, swim, and lift my grandchildren, for which I am extremely‘ grateful. My decision to try the chiropractic approach was based on two prior experiences. The first was a very positive experience about thirty years ago. At that time, i had significant neck pain that was treated by a chiropractor who has since retired, Those treatments completely eliminated my neck pain, and if i had continued with chiropractic treatments, my recent lower back pain would probably not have occurred. My second experience was not nearly as positive, because i made the mistake two years ago, when i first had lower back pain, of going to an Orthopedic doctor, who prescribed harsh medications, including percoset and muscle relaxers, which only masked the pain, and did not correct the problem.

Your treatments provide a real solution."

- Steven L.

"Thank God for Dr. Suzi. Dr. Suzi’s compassionate approach to my chiropractic care has been a true blessing. I came to Dr. Suzi with a pinched nerve in my neck and radiating pain through my shoulder and down my left arm. I was also diagnosed with frozen shoulder, and was unable to lift my left arm above shoulder height. My orthopedic told me it takes 3 years for frozen shoulder to heal and regain its full range of motion.

After 6 weeks of chiropractic care with Dr. Suzi I no longer have pain or numbness in my arm and shoulder, and I have 85% of my range of motion back. She is sweet, empathetic and encouraging, always telling me, “Don’t worry, we are going to fix you.” I like her health conscious approach; most doctors tend to push meds and then surgery as a last resort, whereas she encourages healthy eating, exercise and the drinking of lots and lots of water. Oh, and stay away from sugar and caffeine (AHH! Chocolate and coffee are my two favorite things!) . I like a doctor that gets to the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. She has helped me to understand that a healthy spine leads to a healthy body."

- Lisa S.

"I was suffering with lower back pain for a few years when I met Dr. Suzi Schulman. She was giving a presentation for my senior group and I listened very intently. I was very interested in what she had to say and I said to myself, “this is my chance, I’m going.” It didn’t matter to me whether the insurance was paying, my body needed help!

My lower back pain is so much better after just a few months with Dr. Suzi. Sometimes there is still some tightness in the morning or after a long walk in the park, but it subsides quickly and my quality of life has improved as a result.

Another great side effect of chiropractic care which was totally unexpected; I had quite a bit of difficulty sleeping and had resorted to taking Tylenol PM for the last three or four years. Now I don’t take it at all and amazingly enough, I sleep right through the night! I had no idea that adjusting my spine could result in better sleep. I also have noticed that I haven’t gotten sick this winter. Dr. Suzi explained how the immune system functions better when nerve interference is removed. I had to see it to believe it, and now I do!"

- Emma S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Suzi Schulman since January 2008. Since that time my results have been outstanding. I am an ex dancer, and was suffering with 9 bulged dies, 21 straight cervical spine and some scoliosis in my lumbar spine. Having changed my entire career/Iifestyle to becoming a yoga teacher and developmental intervention therapist, I was still in pain almost daily. After 6 months of adjustments, I can honestly say that for the first time in 6 years I am PAIN FREE.

I owe this freedom to Dr. Suzi Schulman. Being well versed in the body's kinesiology and anatomy, I learned, and am still learning about the body and what positive effects chiropractic care has on the overall human body (no matter what age or state you may be in). Dr. Schulman is truly passionate about her career and is constantly going to workshops and acquiring a plethora of Health and Wellness Certifications. When she comes back from these retreats I am most eager to see her and receive the knowledge and wisdom she has to share to me. She is the quintessential advocate for all her patients and future patients' mental, anti physical health. As I learned from Dr. Suzi, “every system of the body is connected to the spine.“

However, what really blows me away is the affects Chiropractic has had on a developmental intervention client that I see 4 to 5 times a week. This client of mine is 2 years old. When I first started treating this patient, the child would turn around in circles completely disconnected from the stimulus around her. This client would stare off into space and had a tremendously high threshold for pain. The child showed little interest in toys or any educational "fun" I would present and expose her to. I referred her to Dr. Schuhnan and within the first few adjustments, I (as well as the mother) noticed a huge difference in her behavior. Her eye contact and ability to stay focused has improved, she is acquiring age appropriate gestures and proprioceptive judgment, as well as an overall sense of "togetherness" . This child now is enthusiastic about playing and language is emerging! This client does NOT turn in circles anymore and does Not stare into space. I know my efforts in the therapy seat have been well received by this client, but Dr. Schulman’s Chiropractic care was the missing link this child needed. I am forever grateful to her for my own health, as well as the health of my client."

- Erin B.

"My son, Ryan, was born on August 14, 1993 with a condition called Myleomengicele Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. When he was less than five years old, he had surgery to close the opening on his back and insert two shunts into his brain. Fourteen years and fourteen surgeries later, Ryan is a healthy, active, mature, and loving teenager who uses his wheelchair as his means of ambulation. He is currently a freshman at DePaul Catholic High School in Wayne, NJ and is adjusting well to life in high school.

I first met Dr. Suzi in October, 2005. Through adjustments, she helped me deal with my back, neck, and shoulder pain that come with lifting a child who now weighs as much as I do. My children would often accompany me to my visits with Dr. Suzi. My daughter, Megan, became amazed with how Dr. Suzi helped me keep my seasonal allergies under control and asked if she, too could be adjusted. To date Megan has benefited from these adjustments in her everyday life as a cheerleader and dancer. Ryan would come with us, however he wanted no part of getting adjusted as he has a small, but understandable fear of doctors and the unknown. He would ask us later on if that hurt or what it felt like and Megan and I would be very honest with him. Dr. Suzi always talked with Ryan and explained how beneficial it would be for him to be adjusted. Ryan nodded and smiled and than once in the car he would say "I'm not getting adjusted, mom, no way!"

Ryan has scoliosis which is very common for children with Spina Bifida. He is monitored on a three month basis by his Orthopedic Surgeon and on a yearly basis by his Neurosurgeon. Within the past year, Ryan's curve has progressed that it would soon be compromising his internal organs, such as his lungs and heart. In August, 2007 his curve was at 68 degrees and his Orthopedic Surgeon began to talk about doing surgery which included inserting metal rods into Ryan's spine. When Ryan heard the word "surgery" instant fear took over. We were scheduled for a follow up where we would be discussing our options on November 2, 2007. I had asked the doctor if it were possible for Ryan's curve to "reverse" and go backward. He said it was possible but not probable. It was then that I said to him "you are getting adjusted by Dr. Suzi and that's my final decision." In August, 2007 we began aggressive treatment that included adjustments several times per week along with "wobbling", which is an electronic wobble board that forces Ryan to hold his own balance while sitting on the board which is moving back and forth.

Ryan began to love his visits with Dr. Suzi and went from allowing her to adjust him only in his wheelchair to adjusting him on her table within two or three visits. With Dr. Suzi's hard work and Ryan's determination, he began to look straighter to everyone. His overall health and appearance began to take on a whole new look. He looked forward to his 3:15 appointments following a busy day at school and often Dr. Suzi and I wondered if he was falling asleep because he was so relaxed.

As November 7, 2007 approached rapidly, Ryan and I became more and more anxious, with Dr. Suzi telling us "you're going to be surprised, I know it, I can see it." During our November 5, 2007 visit, I promised Dr. Suzi that she would be my first phone call after our appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon. At 6:45 p.m. on November 7, 2007 we called Dr. Suzi after our appointment. Ryan's curve had measured at a 52! I could hear Dr. Suzi's enthusiasm when she spoke to Ryan on the phone. And I was looking at the relief on my son's face. No surgery! What an amazing feeling.

I want to thank Dr. Suzi and her staff for everything that they have done for Ryan. Our struggle is not over. We will continue with adjustments and "wobbling" on a weekly basis with the intention of decreasing the curve even more."

- Anonymous

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